How change offset of Sprite Material ?

you should add some extra info to have a proper answer

  1. If I remember correctly just to warn you, sprite renderers does not support materials with offset.

  2. You can create a material: new->material and add the offset and tiling you need for other purposes.

  3. can’t you dupe this matter by adjusting the colliders offsets around the sprite? (which will be centered)

ok, i’ll be more specific.

i’m making a 2d isometric game.

so for each action my character has (walk, jump, etc…) it will generate an animation times the number of directions. so if my character can walk in eight directions (north, north-east, east…) it will multiplies the number of animation for each direction.

so far, so good.

now, i’m wondering how to manage this through animator controller. it will rapidly become a mess with all the animations and transitions.

so i was trying to group on the same spritesheet, all the animation for all directions for a specific action. thus, i’ll have for example, a spirtesheet for the walk animation, containing 8 animations, one for each direction. then, i need to offset the texture to display the right animation according to the current direction.

what do you guys think would be the best workflow for all this ?