How change sprite animation texture??

I have a sprite sheet character and another one from the same character but with a different color, just a skin.

How can I change the original skin to the another one and keep the animation working?

There is a better solution. Use this script - GitHub - RetryEntry/UnityAnimatorChangeSprite: This script will swap sprite of an active animator to another one with the same dimensions.
Please give thumbs up, cause I have spent two days searching through useless solutions like one that suggected.
If you have 15 gameobjects with 15 sprites in animation chain you will spend up to 225 loops every frame searching for sprites to swap to…
With such approach you CAN’T create for instance charactes with different clothes animated by one animator, cause you will spend 12000 loops every second on useless things like searching. With this script you will not spend time… It uses shaders. You can change it as you’l like, Just star please. I have spent two days… :confused:
This one is FREE.

I never found a solution for this, so I made a plugin… Everyone can get it here :slight_smile:!/content/33054

here some free keys ^^