How come FPS charcter ignores any possible collider?

Hello all,

I’m making a 3D environment with a FPS controller that can move around and has a camera attached to it. For some reason my FPS character can walk through walls and other objects in the environment, even after I’ve set colliders to these object and to the FPS itself. Nothing seems to help, Nor Mesh collider/box collider/ capsule collider/ mesh renderer nothing is working… It’s a mystery.

Taking from tutorials as the one in Merry Fragmas part 1, or Lets try tutorials, they have FPS and it doesn’t walk through the walls, how come I have this misfortune?

Would much appreciate your help on this, or if you can suggest other tutorials.

Thank you!
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Have you got either a rigidbody or character controller on the player.


I have both rigidbody and character controller on the FPS player.

check it out