How come my Player, Enemy, Animation & HealthSlider won't correspond to one another?

I am lost… everything makes sense when I read it, but I am not sure why it is not getting the damage from the enemy and decreasing my player’s health bar. My hurt animation is going crazy too. Its triggered right at the start. When I set the trigger on “Any status” So does that mean it’s triggering because i have an idle animation?

3. FoxFight Health&Damage(GitHub)

YouTube: Visual Glitch

In OpossumAttack.cs you are fetching the PlayerHealth on the Opossum Game Object in line 19.
Use “Target.GetComponent()” instead to fetch it from the player Game Object.

Also you are calling TakenDamage in the Update function from your PlayerHealth script, so the player takes damage every frame no matter if there is an enemy nearby. You should remove it from the Update loop. (Player Health line 31)

Let me know how it goes as it may not fix all of the problems.