How come Transparency is not working

I’m not sure why Transparency isn’t working
here’s what I did.

In Gimp Image Editor;
create new image
Fill With: Transparency <---- yes… transparency.

Draw some black lines (making a gate, or trying to…)

save image as .PNG and import into Unity3d.

Select my object and pick TransparentDiffuse shader.
select my black line drawing and it shows up on the little ball icon in the inspector.

ok… but when I look at the object it’s transparent (the whole thing, there are no bars)
so I play with the tiling, the offset, the shaders and nothing works. I can’t figure out why because the little ball icon shows it up just fine, like it’s working, but in the program it’s just not there.

Can anyone help :frowning:

You need to use a transparent shader on your image, but instead of explainging it all, here are some links:

Hope this helps!

Comment back if you need more help


That helped me figure something out. The transparency is applied to any Unity3d created object easily but not to my imported .fbx model. I made a lighthouse in Blender and tried to import it but Unity said for some reason there was a problem importing the .blend file so instead I exported as .fbx and imported that, and it worked. but the transparency doesn’t.

hmmm very odd.