How concerned should I be about performance of game in editor?

How concerned should I be when I notice performance issues while running my game in the editor (without the profiler enabled) when the game runs smoothly from a real build? I mean I know that when running in the editor, a number of extra things are being done to update the inspector and such but just not sure at what point I should start to get concerned about the editor game performance.

Game won’t matter, however we’ve ran into very nasty issues, in editor our framerate was as low as 7fps.
This was due to GUI calls and sceneview.RepaintAll() which are very difficult to profile and debug.

This occurs when you are viewing game objects with many scripts who have Editors.

Our solution was to put these components on separate gameObjects.

When I run a simple game in the editor I get around 1500 to 2000 fps with quality settings set to fastest. The same game build on andriod runs at around 100+ fps give or take. So if your game is running slow in your editor, but not on your device, it sounds like the computer you are working on has serious performance issues.