How configure Teamcity for Unity project?

Hi, everyone.

I see no really useful information in the web by searching Teamcity + Unity3D integration.
Could someone provide help with setting Teamcity CI software to work with Unity projects for iOS & Android platforms.
I do not believe that no one did it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi, to integrate TeamCity with Unity you need to install the Unity support plugin fro TeamCity, install Unity on the TeamCity build agent machines with required version of Android SDK / XCode for iOS.

Then in the Assets/Editor directory you could create a build scripts for iOS/Android build targets like that: Unity - Scripting API: BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer

After that in create a TeamCity build configuration by specifying your repository URL, add β€œUnity” runner, specify the method reference from created build scripts and trigger a build.

To store created files as a build artifacts declare their paths in the artifact path settings.