How could I create a book?

I have started creating a first-person game. I want to have a book that stays with the player, and he or she can open it whenever they feel like it. On the asset store and the internet all I can seem to find are just models of closed books. How could I go about creating a book with flipping pages?

My inspiration was the book from this video: - YouTube (At about 53 seconds into the video.)

Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The book in the video is fairly primitive. You can easily emulate it with some quads:

  • Create a Quad
  • Create a second Quad and rotate it 180 degrees on the ‘Y’
  • Create an empty game object and place it on the right or left edge of the quads half way down the page.
  • Make the two Quads children of the empty game object.

Now you have a page. Create multiple pages and make them children of an empty object. Now you have a book. A page is turned by rotating the empty ‘page’ game object on its ‘y’ axis. There is some code to be written, but an experienced programmer could emulate the riffling of pages and the turning of pages in a couple of hours of work.

If the target is mobile, you might consider using an atlas for the pages to reduce draw calls. But even without an atlas, if you were careful about disabling the renderer for pages not seen, the draw calls would be low.

Consider building the book at runtime out of multiple page prefabs. This would allow you to easily assign textures to each page so you would not have to build a material for each page.

If you give up the riffling of pages, you can play a shell game with textures and only use three pages. If you were using high-res images, this shell game would allow you to load and unload textures.

Try this: Book Builder « MegaFiers

@robertbu How can I do this but in a 2D game environment? As quads or basically any object in this environment won’t have depth.

How can I do what robertbu said, but in a 2D environment? With UI elements?

You can rotate a UI element (like Text) about the Y axis. Set the pivot to 0,0 to pivot on the left edge. Gives you a see through page because the UI has no depth.


Book - Page Curl Pro also looks cool, as you can drag each single page by mouse. It feels immersive. You can also have Gui elements each page.