How could I get the entire cpu usage?

It's probably a dumb question but how could I get the entire cpu usage?
What I've been able to find seams to be some sub categories but never the whole thing.

Am I supposed to add them all up?
Is the Profiler not made for this?
Am I talking complete nonsense and it's really obvious?

No matter which one it is,
Thanks in advance! :)

Adding up the different segments shows the full CPU usage (in frametime, not %)
Is that what you mean?

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That's probably even better, so adding them up is the way to go?

That's the total CPU time spent on code yeah

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Great, thank you!

Unity 6 comes with the new Highlights module which gives you CPU vs GPU usage without the wait times. Beyond that, the total frame time is displayed on the bar between the charts and the Hierarchy/Timeline view.