How could I make a Randomly Generated Grid-Based Neighborhood?

Hi, I’m working on a game, where the player picks dumps trash from Trash cans into a Trash Truck. The game’s world itself is going to be a Low-Poly, Grid Neighborhood.
I’d like each property to have a randomly generated layout for a house (random shape, random color, etc., etc…,), and with randomly generated plants, a surrounding fence, trees, among other things scattered around each property. I’d like this to be customizable, so that I can maybe specify the randomness / frequency of said items occurring, and what that item is, etc… I’m probably going to try to make my game have multiplayer, which I’ve never tried before, so I don’t know if this will be an issue or not, but I’d like it to be so that the random generation of the world won’t be different for other people playing, I’d like them all to have the same randomly generated world. If possible, I’d also like to make the grid world itself expandable, so that I can maybe make some differently-layed-out levels.

Here is essentially what one of my Grid-World Tiles/Sections look like (I also have them highlighted for reference,),:

I essentially just want the part in Green to be where the properties are.

Is this possible? If so, how could I go about doing this?

If anyone needs any more information, please, let me know!


You can use Random.seed to generate the same sequence of random values used for scene construction.
see Unity - Scripting API: Random.seed
As for your lots, you could layout a Plane then layer smaller Child Planes on it for the possible positions of various lot items (House, fences, shrubs, etc.) and populate those by randomly selecting from lists of prefab items.

Most game developers, when working with procedurally generating villages or neighbourhoods, use pre-made prefabs of the different possible houses and randomly scatter them along the grid, as long as the ground/terrain of that area is flat enough.