How could I shoot a chemical in a fire extinguisher?

I’m a newbie in game development and I want my firefighter equip with a fire extinguisher and shoot it on fire to remove it. Please give me the steps on how could I implement it on my character. Thanks

kinda interesting idea. I suggest you look into They have 5 free labs that teach some basics about different game styles. Pointnclick, 2d, 3d, even a tool lab that can help with 2d sprites and gui functions. the point is its free and has no obligation. specifically look at the 2d mario lab. It has a part that shows how to instantiate the fireball with an input command. I think it would be better for you to go through this to figure out how to do what you want rather than someone tell you. the difference is instead of calling up the fireball sprite you need to make a partcile effect for the chemical. =) have fun!