How could I write a script to flip pages of a book?

Using the help of the community on Unity Answers, I have created a 3D book. The game I am creating is in first-person, and the player is able to bring out their book with ‘e’. Each page is made up of 2 quads, and are able to rotate on their own local axis. The book itself is complete, but I’m unsure of how to write the script that will animate the pages. It would be great if you could help me out! Thanks.

Also, I have already made a script that flips the pages fairly well, but I did it in a very ineffieciently. It was a very long, point-less script. I’m sure there are better ways to write the script. I prefer JavaScript, and excuse my vague question. I have been told that I don’t usually include much information.

This is a continuation of my previous 2 questions:

I would create a nice model of a book, and only one page (modeled from both sides). Then I would animate the page (one motion flip animation), uv unwrap both page sides as a seperate objects,both book sides as two separate objects and base book on third uv map.
Now I’d write an array or textures, and add extra variables, like min, max and current page.
So all i have to do now is create pages textures. And insert in the public array in the order they will be in the book.

When user flips the page, dynamically change textures from textures array to next array element. In reality,you will be flipping (playing animation) the same and only page model, but because of texture change it will look like you are flipping pages.