How create a audience style game Rocksmith

Hello everyone !

I’m looking to create an audience (an audience, a crowd, spectators) in a music band scene. As in the example of the game “Rocksmith”!

You have the photos and the link of the video to show you what I’m trying to do in my video game with Unity.

Do you have any idea how to create an audience like Rocksmith? In Rocksmith it’s not a 3D animation, because as I try it takes a lot of memory. I think rather of a kind of “sprite” 2D, which was used logically, to be less heavy in performance …

That’s why I’m asking you how to create the same audience style as in the game “Rocksmith” on Unity? And what should I use?

Ou en vidéo ici

Thank you in advance for your answers to my question!

No one can help me ?