How create a text window when an object is picked up

Hey world, I'm a Game Art major in college, and this is my second term. for one of our classes we're using unity to create a 3rd Person Platformer, and I want to go the extra mile and have a text screen appear when the character picks up an object, using the Pickup Collider. so I guess what I'm asking is how do I get a text screen to appear when the Controller walks over an Object, which disappears after walking through. I've been using Unity for a total of like two weeks so please no comments about how stupid I am. thank you

Check out for some options. If you want a pop-up text box or something to that effect you can use the OnGUI function along with some of the GUI things directly in unity. Then just attach it to an if statement with a collision object around the item you are "picking up" and you should be set.