How did Unity Version Control activate itself?

I'm taking a game creation course at unity. In the video the professor commented about Collab which is now Unity Version Control I think. When I researched how to activate it in my projects, I saw that I had to add a credit card even though it was free. In this case, I would only charge for the surplus. But I didn't want to take that risk and decided to turn to other completely free alternatives. That's when I started using GitHub to save my projects.

To my surprise, when I opened Unity Hub today, the option to activate Unity Version Control appeared. So for reasons of practicality and safety, I decided to activate it. But my question is: how and why did Unity Version Control appear in my unity hub out of nowhere? I simply didn't do anything and for me I had to create a DevOps account.

Crossed out in red was what wasn't in my unity hub, it appeared today.

9438488--1323857--Desktop Screenshot 2023.10.29 -

its a new feature,

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So I can save my project in the cloud for free without needing to add a credit card :)

i dont know the exact details on that,

but if you mean these, check limits & rates here

But I imagine there must be a limit to avoid accidental charges, right?

i wouldn't count on it that its automatic or not sure if they even send warnings..
in fact if you can remove credit card info, then do it. (unless you need it there).

maybe this page has some info, havent tested

In fact, I didn't even register a credit card for fear of unannounced charges for exceeding the limits. On the DevOps website they didn't really explain this point so I decided not to take the risk.

But since apparently it's possible to save the project in the cloud without the need to register a credit card, I'm going to use it to see if they'll send some kind of alert if it gets close to the limit.

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