How difficult is it to connect an android device to a pc?

I’m working on a school project where we want to use android devices as controllers for something that happens on the pc. The android device needs to send very simple data (i.e. bools, floats) to the pc.

I have no experience whatsoever with networking. What is involved to establish a link between pc and mobile and what would be the way to go for me?

The simplest is to download an asset called Wifi controller.

The harder: Learn networking.

Disclaimer: Have never tried this.

I’d make the game, using uNet (Unity’s Networking). Your PC version would be the Host. When it detects a client, disable all normal stuff, and enable controller things.
Build for PC. Switch for Android. Build.

You’d start the game on your PC. Then load it up on your droid. Your droid will connect to the pc. It’ll know it’s the client, and therefore the controller. It’ll then disable the main cameras, and enable the UI for your controller stuff.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.