How do adjust GUI.Label lineHeight?

I am developing a GUI which uses a ScrollView and inside this scrollView i am displaying several texts. I’m using GUI.Label for displaying these texts, and it is well working on iOS using the imported Arial Unicode Font (i need to support cyrillic etc.).

However, it is using a completely wrong lineheight/linespacing setting so the letters of different lines are too close, partially overlapping.

How can this be fixed? lineHeight is read-only, and I’ve seen there is a lineSpacing for GUIText however i cannot use this because i’m inside a scroll view, right?

I’m using GUI.Label and the problem occurs with both self-defined newlines as well as automatic word wrapping. The font is arial unicode MS and the fonts aren’t used in “dynamic” mode but as a font texture, because it is an iOS project. Overlapping happens with both cyrillic letters as well as western letters. I have now developed a workaround: i’ve written my own word wrapper class and insert enough newlines so it won’t overlap anymore. but it only works because the newlines are small enough to roughly adjust the line spacing.