How do apply my settings when adding border to individual sprites within a texturepacker spritesheet?

Hi All

I have recently been using the new gui system in Unity but I appear to be hitting problems when trying to add a border for slicing (or indeed any other changes, such as to pivot etc) in the sprite editor.

My spritesheet has been built in texturepacker and then imported to Unity automatically using the texturepacker plugin. I can view the spritesheet in the sprite editor fine. I then go to select an individual sprite from the spritesheet and I am shown the info for that sprite. I edit the border and pivot settings, hit the apply button and then close the sprite editor.

I go to reopen the sprite editor to have a look at my changes but they have not been applied. Any ideas as to whether im not doing this correctly or if this is a bug?

Ok I know the problem and the solution lies in the updated version of “Texture Packer Importer”.
Update your texture packer importer to the latest version which maintains the previous border values if manually given by user!

This line in the updated version does the job: