How do box collider collisions work mathematically?


I want to know how the Box Collider works in Unity. I have read all of the Unity documentation and PhysX documentation but there are not any detailed explanations as to exactly how they work (possibly because it’s confidential IP).

How does a box collider know when it is intersecting/overlapping another box collider?

What metric is actually measured to know when a collision has taken place? Does it look to see if there is a point or vertex in the box collider is inside the volume of another collider? If so how does it know that a vertex is within the volume of another collider?

What are box colliders made from? Is it lots of small objects put together or is it one big object?

Thanks for your help in advance

Good day.

I think this is not the place for this kind of question.

Here we help peopple to develop its projects, help with functions, with code, etc… You are asking how is Unity from inside, and maybe nobody here knows the answer…

And why you wwant to know this? what propouse?