How do Delegates and Events work?

I’ve looked around and saw few examples and tutorials, each one was explaining differently and I couldn’t understand how exactly do they work.


  • What is Delegate

  • What is Event

  • How to use Delegate

  • How to use Event

I’m posting this Q&A as I saw non other to fit logically how they work at least in my mind.

if you are wandering why OAFAT title? It might be first but I hope it won’t be last.

  • Delegate is a container of events (we could say array)

  • Events are container of pointers to functions (we could say array)

I’ll try to write as many different names as possible so you can see how it works.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class EventManager : MonoBehaviour {
	public delegate void DelegateContainer ();
	public static event DelegateContainer EventContainerOne; // this is when DelegateContainer adds event container to him self
	public static event DelegateContainer EventContainerTwo;

	public bool EditorTriggerOne = false;
	public bool EditorTriggerTwo = false;
	public bool EditorTriggerReset = false;

	void Update(){
		if (EditorTriggerOne){
			EditorTriggerOne = false;
		if (EditorTriggerTwo){
			EditorTriggerTwo = false;
		if (EditorTriggerReset){
			EditorTriggerReset = false;
	// NormalFunctions
	public void TriggerOne(){
		// if there's no pointers to functions in EventContainerOne it'll give us NRE error
		if (EventContainerOne != null){
			// we fire all functions inside this EventContainer
	public void TriggerTwo(){
		if (EventContainerTwo != null){
	// here we remove all functions from events
	public void Reset(){
		EventContainerOne = null;
		EventContainerTwo = null;

Random Scripts that Want the behaviour:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class RandomScript : MonoBehaviour {
	void Start(){
		EventManager.EventContainerOne += NormalFunctionOne;
		EventManager.EventContainerTwo += NormalFunctionTwo;
		EventManager.EventContainerTwo += NormalFunctionThree;
	void NormalFunctionOne(){
		Debug.Log("Func 1");
	void NormalFunctionTwo(){
		Debug.Log("Func 2");
	void NormalFunctionThree(){
		Debug.Log("Func 3");

Now each time you trigger one func 1 will appear.

Each time you trigger two func 2&&3 will appear.

This is because there are 2 pointers inside EventContainerTwo.

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