How do do a EMP pulse?

I am working on a project where I need two different kinds of pulses but am at a loss of how to do this. The first kind of pulse is a defensive kind of pulse like a force push to be used when the player is too close to the enemy. The second is EMP pulse that shoots out at the end of the fight and the enemy dies, its for effect. Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? I have a little bit of a time crunch and I’m at the end of my time. I have until Friday the 14th to get this in.

Thank you for any help in advance

didn’t underestand if u need the effect or code ;

for the first EMP u can create an object with a sphereCollider attached to it ;

when ever player need to use this EMP u active the object ;

the object get all the enemy that is colliding with a tag and then add force to them base on player position to the enemy so they get away from player;

for the second EMP u again need another object with the sphere collider but this time it should kill player not forcing them , and u should increase the sphere collider Size over time so it become bigger and effect all the player in its path ;