How do I access mega-fiers classes/components in javascript?

I am unable to solve an issue with using javascript with the Mega-fiers asset classes that are written in c#.

If the scripts are all in the project folder (not in the plugin/standard folder) Unity will not allow my javascript to find the Mega-fiers classes.

The name 'MegaMorph' does not denote a valid type ('not found').

It appears it is the folder structure that is causing me to be unable to communicate in javascript to the mega-fiers classes. I read i must place the mega-fiers classes in the plugins or standard asset folders if I wish to use javascript to access them since they compile first.

I made the change and that does allow me to communicate with the mega-fiers classes but… because i moved them to the standard / plugins folder i get other errors such as,

Instance of MegaMorphEditor couldn't be created. The script class needs to derive from ScriptableObject and be placed in the Assets/Editor folder.

I am stuck on what to do now.

Any help anyone?

I dont think you need to move the editor classes, just move the normal scripts as shown in the compilation order and leave the editor scripts where they are.

Hey 0707971,

You can access separate morph clips using.


Note, copy Megafiers folder from Megafiers/Scripts/ to Plugins folder of your project.