How do I access Mesh/ Meshfilter in Editor code?

i have been having some problems with regards to accesing my mesh in editor mode.
Every time i try

GetComponent<MeshFilter / SkindMeshRenderer>().SharedMesh/Mesh;

I get null. when i just try to get the component it also returns null.
I instantiate my object in editor mode first


And the debugger claims it exists so i dont know why its not working.

I also tried



this script adds menu ‘UnityAnswers/GetAndAnalizeMesh’ and debugs verts and tris count. works fine in editor. works with project view and scene view.


using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.Collections;
public class MeshAnaliser : MonoBehaviour
    static void GetAndAnalizeMesh()
        GameObject go = Selection.activeGameObject;
        if (go)
            MeshFilter mf = go.GetComponent();
            if (mf)
                Mesh m = mf.sharedMesh;
                if (!m) { m = mf.mesh; }
                if (m)
                    Debug.Log(string.Format("vert:{0} tris:{1}", m.vertexCount, m.triangles.Length / 3));

Thanks man. I realized i could not edit meshes of no instantiated objects so i had to create them put them in a separate layer and hid flags for what i wanted. Thanks anyway

Hey thanks man. I just realized you had to instantiate the objects to have access to all that. So i had to create and hide it off screen. Thanks for the reply.