How do I access Prefabs dynamically

I created a prefab and tried to instantiate it, but my script doesn’t recognize the object.
here’s a code snippet.

	RoomButtonPrefab pref;
	RoomButtonPrefab tempBttn = Instantiate(pref);
        tempBttn.transform.position = new      Vector3(tempBttn.transform.position.x,tempBttn.transform.position.y + (count * size), 0);

Also, I am a senior level developer who is new to Unity. There doesn’t seem to be any tutorials that target people like me. I want engine specific help that doesn’t try to explain to me what a For loop is.

The Instantiate function will take something of type UnityEngine.Object, and instantiate it. The object that it returns will also be of type UnityEngine.Object, which you can then cast to the appropriate type. For example, in your case you’re instantiating an object of type RoomButtonPrefab, so the return type will be RoomButtonPrefab. All you need to do is cast the object that it returns

RoomButtonPrefab tempBttn = Instantiate(pref) as RoomButtonPrefab;