How do I achieve a bloom and flare effect from this video

In the following video:

The creator says he created this all during one Sunday and that it was his first time using Unity. He also implied that he used the free version of Unity. I would very much like to know how the lighting and engine effects are achieved.
I have messaged the guy but have received no response. I have searched the internet pretty extensively and found very little help.

I have used the Bloom and Flares script that is available to me with my Unity Pro license and have only been able to achieve this:

alt text

Which falls far short of what I’m seeing in the youtube video. I’m at my wits end with this one as I have been trying to crack it for the last few weeks and I would greatly appreciate some pointers.

Well I did manage to create similar effect, it is tweaking allot, but the developer most likely wrote his own shader, I know there are some packages with custom flares and shaft effects like in the video and of higher quality than the ones provided by Unity.

Also check the net, I do not have an example for grabs, but I do remember seeing a thread about it on the wiki.

Also it seems he is using the hdr buffer on the camera to enhance the blooms color depth wich blends in with the side shafts.