How do I add a background music without killing the FX sounds?

I have a sound downloaded from the asset store that I’d like to loop with a constant volume. When I drag and drop it on to my main camera, the sound clip plays correctly but it kills all the other FX sounds.

The other effects are stored in public variables and triggered in code like this:

AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint (explosionClip, collision.contacts [0].point);

What’s the best way to solve this?

depends on how big ur map is.if its too big this might not be the solution.first of all make sure that u hv got only one audio listener
2. create audio sources(couple of them) and place them all around the map with low volume so at every point u can hear it but not loudly(loop the sound)
3. make sure sfx volume is higher than background.

it should solve ur problem instead of scripting
if its not enough tell me