How do I add a box collider to a cloth?

Im trying to make a cape but it passes through my character when I move backwards so I am trying to add a box collider in front of the cape so it wont move forward and into my character. However, it only gives me capsule collider and sphere collider options. Neither of these work, is there a way to add a box collider to a cloth?

per documentation on cloth in the manual

Additionally, you can only use three types of colliders with cloth: a sphere, a capsule, and conical capsule colliders, constructed using two sphere colliders. These restrictions all exist to help boost performance.

dont worry your in good company, ask other gamers and pay attention in games, even in games like assassins creed or elder scrolls or other top notch games having clothing clipping through objects and not colliding with terrain and such happens all the time. People won’t care or notice probably it’s an issue even in triple A productions, ignore it.

I used capsule colliders that I set to not interact with anything but the cloth, then positioned them in a way that the cape can move anywhere but forwards. Seems to work :slight_smile: