How do i add a new Tag in unity?

Hi How do i add a new Tag in unity?

I figured out the problem I think most people are experiencing, as I too was having the same problem. When you click the TAG dropdown, then Add Tag you see what looks like the layers editor, but the very first element says TAGs, with a little expand arrow to the left. When you expand it, it doesn’t show much because “SIZE” says 1. Click the size field and change it to something larger, try 20. Now you’ll see a list of 20 new elements show up under tag. Now you can create 20 custom tags.

Hope that helps.

In the inspector, there are two drop downs on the top of whatever object you are viewing. A Tag and a Layer. For the tag, it should currently say "Untagged" or something like that. If you click that dropdown, the lowest option is "edit tags" or something like that. Click that. Then, in the tag editor, everything up to 8 is taken by tags from Unity itself, but after that there are a number of slots you can click on and write in a tag. After that, whenever you click the Tag dropdown on any object, one of the choices will be your new tag.

I think the problem is that when you go to create a new Layer and click on e.g. User Layer 8, the name you give it will be a Tag. The text box to the right of the selected layer looks the same. It’s not until you click in the area a bit to the right of the selected layer that the text box changes.

The problem I was having is not making the tag (editing the text in the User Layer), but in it not showing up thereafter when clicking the Tag button. I do see it in the Layer dropdown…

but I don’t suppose that’s what I’m suppose to do as per “Doing it in Code” → 2 in this tutorial…


Solved. In the Add Tag dropdown, at the top, there is a Tags expandable item. Open that and inside set the name of the element by clicking in the area to the right of it. The tag will then appear on subsequent opening of the Tag’s button drop down list.