How do I add a second material to my mesh?

I have attempted to import this as a .dae, an .obj, and then through .blend as recommended by Unity blender import page. All have failed.

I am unable to add materials I have set up to the model in place of the defaults given during import. This error only occurs for the first material field but not the second.

I am able to apply a texture to the first fields material, but I wish to use the materials I set up so objects in the scene which use the same material can all use stone floor verses material 01, material 03, material 04 for every new mesh or prefab.

I have searched for the answer to this, and I am not making progress, please help.

If you click on your mesh in-game you should see a Mesh Renderer component on your object. In there you have materials and if you look close you see the amount of materials on the object, which is by standard 1, if you put it on 2 you can drag another material on-top of your current one and with alpha channels you’l be able to merge them, they are drawn over each other from top to bottom.

@ChristmasEve i would love to know that as well! Did you find a solution? ,@ChristmasEve
i would love to know that as well! Did you find a solution?