How do I add a shader to a font material?

Hello, I’m trying to basically do this:

how do I add a shader to a font material?

Are you kidding? The page from the unifycommunity have a lot screenshots that explains it very detailed.

You don’t add a shader to a material, every material have to use one of the available shaders. You can select the shader you want in the inspector when you select your material. The dropdown menu will list all available shaders.


I can copy the important step if you can’t “see” what you have to do:

alt text

As you can see he creates a NEW material and called it FONT_3D_MTL. He just uses the texture from the font, not the material that comes with the font.

I know this is an old thread, but newer versions of unity don’t have the fonts in the project area any more. You can can get a few fonts if you import the Utility package.