How do i add a still running animation to a 3d model?( as in, the animation does not make the object actually move)

  • Hello, I am currently doing research in crowd simulation and I have a script which makes objects avoid each other.

  • As such, I would like to know if it’s possible to attach a running animation to a model that simply loops the running motion and does not affect it’s position.

  • Recently, I have been attempting to understand animations to no avail as animations in unity seem a bit complicated with the animator component, the animation component, avatars, controllers, rigid bodies,etc. Moreover, the lack of good tutorials is not helping either.

  • Regardless, all help is appreciated.

Watch the Mecanim intro tutorial, it covers a lot of great stuff. Ideally, you actually want your character’s root motion to be in the same direction/speed that it will move in-game (not stand still). The Mecanim animator actually calculates character speed and direction based on that information.

If desired you can remove root animation in Unity by baking the animation to the pose. See below: