How do i add a Text/Logo Intro?

Hello, i am very new to Unity 3D, and i need help with how i add an Intro to my Game, i have made a Main Menu, and when i click ‘Play Game’ i would like it to come up with my Logo, then it fades out and you can play the game.


One way would be to create an animation that fades the color value of a plane’s material in over time. You could use animation events if you want to do this with an animation. Or you could govern it all with a coroutine. Either way, you would call Application.LoadLevel() or one of its companion methods to load the level.

See here for animation events:

And you might want to look at this question I answered here - one of the answers uses a coroutine to fade between two colours.

Easy way to do this:

  1. Create a plane and apply your logo texture to the plane and position it so it fills the camera’s view. Upon loading the scene set this plane’s renderer to false or just set the object to be inactive completely (your choice). Then you set a time delay upon clicking the Play Game button which will display your logo for “X” amount of seconds. After “X” amount of seconds has been reached apply a camera fade. There are several Camera Fade scripts on “” or you check out iTween.

After the camera fade completes just load up your level:

Good luck!