How do I add animations as "children" or "built-in" objects under an animation controller?


Maybe this is an easy question to answer, but if not, let me explain what I’m talking about:

I added the default implementation of an animation controller from a UI button component (a kinda cool feature of Button and other UI elements), and I got an animation controller asset along with four animation clip assets, each tied to a state in the controller. The clips show up in the project view as “children” of the controller (see below):


These child clips show up nowhere else that I could find (which is cool, since they only exist to be used within that one controller), even when I went looking for them within the actual file system (I didn’t honestly look that hard).

My question is: what is the normal way to add “children” animation clips under a controller in this way? I know how to make animation clips, and I know how to use them with states in a controller state machine, but I don’t know how to organize them in the project view so cleanly. The majority of clips I use only make sense in the context of a particular object and a particular state machine, and storing them as children of an animation controller would be pretty nifty.

Check this answer

I have been working outside of Unity for a while so this might be slightly off. From memory - When the clip is duplicated (ctl+d) the animations will show up unassociated to a controller.
Animations not parented/associated to an animation controller can be drag and dropped onto the controller. Right?