How do I add collision to trees?

How do I add collision to trees?

I have tried enabling “Create Tree Colliders” and it doesn’t change anything. I have read the other answers on here about how to add mesh/capsule colliders, but I don’t understand how to “make a new prefab” or duplicate one. Someone also said to select all trees in scene view first, but I don’t know how you can select trees in scene view.

Can someone give me step-by-step instructions for adding collision to tress?

Thank you!

Your original tree prefabs need to have CapsuleColliders on them.

Stepwise, find the prefabs you are using for your trees (your Terrain links to these prefabs using the list you see). Drag them into the scene, add component CapsuleCollider and adjust (Y-axis, height 3-4 meters, 0.3 meter radius, centre Y 1-2 meters). Then Apply the change to the prefab. You can then delete them from the scene. Then add the prefab trees to the Terrain on the Trees tab.

Duplicate things in the Project using CTRL-D.

So I tried this method, even added a hinge constraint so i could knock them over without them flying around; it works great on the prefab itself. When I go and ‘populate’ the terrain with the “paint trees” feature, none of the painted trees have the hinge function.

Any thoughts on what to do here? If i have a capsule in the prefab, what is the function of the “Create Tree Colliders” checkbox under Terrain Collider?

thanks in advance!

In terrain in the first tab for lowering and making mountains and such there is a tiny box labeled enable tree collision check the box.