How do I add multiple textures to a single object?

I am currently working on a project where i have a three dimensional ground and i would prefer for the top of it to have a grass texture on it and the side of it to have a dirt texture but im not sure how to go about this since it is all on one single object… As you can tell i have a minuscule amount of experience in textures and texture design so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

I don’t know if you can assign different textures on different parts of your model inside Unity3D. The best way to do this is to assign the textures inside your 3D modelling program. If you export it, it will show all used materials inside the Unity3D inspector :slight_smile:

Ok thanks!

Well you should learn modeling and texturing definitely in a 3d modeling application, however can achieve what you described the fastest and modular way is a triplanar shader. You can look up asset store for one or google for tutorials.

A really basic ( not optimal because of the ifs, but you get the idea) you can find here: a triplanar / procedural UV / world space UV shader for Unity, cobbled together bits from @QuickFingerz and @Farfarer · GitHub

If you remove the if statement in it and the bottom texture part it should have sufficient performance.