How do I add other inputs/actions when using the Starter Assets First Person Controller?


I’m using the Starter Assets First Person Controller and I want to add other inputs, such as pressing the Y key to perform another action.

I’ve looked at several videos, but I don’t see anything on the proper way to do this. I assume you would copy code from say "jump" in StarterAssetsInputs.cs, but then would you update the FirstPersonController.cs script directly, which ideally I’d like to avoid, or create a new script? What code is needed?

Thanks for your time.

To answer my own questions, you need to update StarterAssetsInputs.cs to include your new input. For example, wherever there’s "sprint" make a copy and call it whatever your action is. Then, in FirstPersonController.cs, in either Update or some other area, check for _input.<action>, which will be set when the user takes the action (keyboard or controller). Then make sure you add the new input to the input system StarterAssets.