How do I Adjust The Colour Of My Object By Percentages?

Hello, and how are you?

I’m trying (and very, very hard at that!) to change the colour of an object by picking up other objects, what are a certain colour.

For example:

If I was to pick up two red objects and a blue object I would want my object to be 2 parts red and 1 part blue.

Here is the script i’m using.

var red : float; 
var green : float; 
var blue : float; 
var purple : float;
var orange : float;

var playerColor : Material;

function Start () {

   playerColor = renderer.material;


function Update () {

   red = red + purple / 2 + orange /3;

   green = green + orange /3;

   blue = blue + purple / 2 + orange /3;
   playerColor.SetColor("_Tint", Color(red, green, blue));


function OnCollisionEnter (other : Collision) {

if (other.transform.tag == "Particle") {

   Destroy (other.gameObject);



function AddBlue () {

   blue ++;


function AddRed () {

   red ++;


function AddOrange () {

   orange ++;


function AddPurple () {

   purple ++;


function AddGreen () {

   green ++;


So yeah… It doesn’t work. Maybe a tip or two (something…anything…) on how colour works?


The Color object in Unity has 4 components r, g, b and a, all of them between 0 and 1, (1,1,1,1) being white. If you keep adding to your colors, it will inevitably end up white.

What you want is a mix between color. You should look at Color.Lerp. However, an interpolation done that way can give you black or dark color inbetween, and you probably don’t want that. You should take a look at HSV colors (hue saturation value), that use a Lerp probably more relevant to your needs.