How do i animate an object without rigging for use in unity?

Hello i’m currently working on a project in unity which includes graphs and pie-charts, where you only need to input numbers and the graphs change depending on the input.

I am having trouble with pie charts.I animated a cylinder forming by keyframing a wedge extrude on Maya , baking it and then exporting it as FBX. But it still wont animate on unity.
I also tried choosing the animation type as legacy on Maya but it still wont play

I really need your assistance. I’m not sure if this process is even possible or if i made a mistake on unity or Maya.

I am not familiar with maya workflow, but I assume that ‘keyframing a wedge extrude’ means that the animation adds more polygons to the mesh.

In Unity, an animation is basically a lot of curves, a time-> value mapping functions. It means that the animation can change values of fields and properties of various objects, but not really add them.

For your desired effect, I think you don’t need modelling at all, you need to procedurally generate the mesh. For a pie chart, it’s really not going to be that hard. Take a look at the Mesh class and some basics of procedural mesh generation.