how do I animate clothed character in unity using maya?

Hi, I made a character with a vest and some nice pants but as I figured out by searching the web, I can’t use blend shapes, constrains or deformers in the animations I am exporting to unity.
any suggestions about how can I animate the face without blend shape or using the clothings without the wrap deformer?
Thanks a lot.

Cant you Bake the animations into an FBX?

I use Blender to RIG and Animate my models, then exports as FBX unchecking the nla strips… when its in unity i mark it as legacy and add the anims i need…

Or you could try ‘welding’ or ‘joining’ all the objects, and baking anim, also pretty sure you can use blendshapes in Unity?

Skin the clothes to the joints instead of the body of the character… like for example, usually in animation you would skin the legs of the character to the joints and then use some clothing simulation or something for the pants, right? Well, for video games you need to delete all the polygons that won’t be seen and skin the clothing to the joints, not the leg. Or at least that’s the most common way, there may be more complicated methods that offer more realistic results, but most people just stick with this.