How Do I Animate Objects in 2D?


I am just curious but how does one animate objects that are NOT the player in a scene for a 2D game? Say, just as an example, something running place that is NOT the player.

Hi, ‘animate’ can be interpreted as ‘translation’ and ‘rotation’ or actual animation (like hand motion and all).

You can add animation to anything by:

  • Adding ‘Animator’ component that controls the motion/animation state; Motions can be created by dragging a group of 2D sprites into the Hierarchy panel. For this you will need your artist to draw up the motion stills like any other cartoon animation.
  • Adding a script that changes the translation or rotation (ie. transform.Translate, etc)
  • Add translation and rotation directly using built-in ‘Animation’ window

You must elaborate further for us to provide you with a clear answer.