How do I apply all things to all clone game objects.

I have grouped them all under an empty game object and I want to make it that each of the objects spawned have a Y position of one. So basically I want each one spawned to always have a y of 1. Also I have made obstacles in my infinite runner and I want It so that once you have touched them you die? Last one I want them all to translate backwards. Any ideas? Thx for the help in advance.

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You want to Instantiate a list of GameObjects at a determinate position. Is simple, when using instantiate, you have to determine the position og the gameobject with a Vector3 (x,y,z) variable. So just:

Instantiate(Object, new Vector3(TheXyouwant,1,TheZyouwant),new Quaternion (0,0,0,0);

But if you have the object created and want to move them all, you need to make an array or a 4 with all the elements and then use the foreach loop.

If you want to detect when your runner touches a GameObject, you need to use the OnTriggerEnter method. You can see how to use it in the answer of this other post.

And i dont understand what you mean with

“Last one I want them all to translate backwards”

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