how do i apply combine children

Hi in serious trouble...first of all, i am building an educational game that shows various plant species. main issue is that each plant has around 12k polys and i cluster them to form bushes as in real life forests etc (up to 40 or 50 in each set)...i then added the regular scenery (grass tress etc from unity prefabs) and.....drawcall reached 10K..yes 10,000....i get framerates of 2 if im lucky... questino do i apply the combine children script...? i made a parent game object...added the meshes...then added the script to the game object...but nothing happened..and in this scene i am only using 2 species of plants.


Unity 3.1 will combine like materials automatically. Open your stats and look at the draw calls before and after pressing play, if dynamic batching is on (which it is, by default), you will see a noticeable loss in draw calls. Other than that it sounds like you need to reduce the far clipping plane and do some occlusion culling. Simplify your meshes too, if they are too complex.

Ok..Problem Solved

I modeled the plants to the highest detail...then optimized them for minimum loss of detail and lower poly count (3d max 2011 PrOptimizer). Each plant had 32k approx. Inserted one into the terrain in Unity3d and then assigned the tree paint brush to the terrain and added that plant instance to it....brushed the area with one brush size/density/tree height width....and then changed it again and me a very LARGE forest like environment, plenty of plant size and colour, with very nice playback rate...drawcalls down to 1,600, but acceptable as this is going to be standalone and graphics capable computers...mainly in an educational facility...Thanx Reissrant for the advice

I has had same problem. Unity can only batch objects that have max 300 verticles and use same material with simple, one pass shader. :frowning: it’s disaster. You have to split all meshes to have 300verts, set material and proper shader and then apply combine children on them. This shuld lower draw calls allot.