How do I apply reactions to players/enemies?

I want to achieve a few things with respects to players reacting to sudden movement and pain and the like. I think switching the model to rag-doll for a second would work for a few of them (i.e. riding in a car, car hits bump, turret guy moves sideways a bit, or shooting an alien in the leg and then having him lose it for awhile.) I think I can get this to work aside from the part where I put them back in from limbo. If the movement depends upon the situation, how do I make them attempt to stand back up or snap into position again? Thanks, all who dare answer this, its tough.

hooray for capsule-people!
This is not a real solution.

Simple answer: "you can't"

Complex answer: do a similar 100% ragdoll character to the Blurst Minotaur and set it's joint target angles to match that of a preanimated character on the fly.

Putting a character into ragdoll is easy, getting it back to animated is very hard as you don't know what position he'll be in. You could try to fudge it so that the character springs into a predefined position using spring joints but you still wouldn't get a perfect match with an animation and you'll notice a jump or pop back into animation mode.

Play around with this system AnimFollow

It will get you close, really close if you are skilled and can modify the ragdoll control script.