How do I assign audio files to an AudioClip[] array?

I’m trying to assign audio files (wav) to an array so that the script can play the music for the level I’m in and so on, and to make other objects/scripts check which music is playing. Here is my code so far (C#):

    //Declaring the variable
    public AudioClip[] list;

	void Start ()
            //Loading the items into the array
    		list =  new AudioClip[]{(AudioClip)Resources.Load("Sound/Music/intro.wav"),

But when I play my scene the only thing happening is that I see the array in the inspector grow up to make place for four items, which is right, but the slots are empty (music wasn’t put in them) What’s wrong with the code?

Thanks in advance for your help.

@stevethorne is correct. Your audio files should be inside of a folder named Resources, in order for Resources.Load to work.

Also, to load resources this way, you must leave off the extension of the file i.e. “level1.wav” would be “level1”. More so, if your path is Assets/Resources/Sound
Then you would do


Here is some info on resources.Load

And here for nested folders: