How do I assign different animation sets to different characters?

I have a gaming script system that directs NPCs animations via mechanim. How do I set up different sets of animations for different Models while maintaining the same script base for combat and movement? The scripts manage the animation states through the animation controller by unique name right? Unlike public variables as I understand it when you swap an animation in a controller this effects all instances of charecters using that controller right? So how do I for example have a two handed swordsman npc and a ogre npc (wielding a single handed club) share the same script base while using different animations for thier respective combat movement and death sequences? There seems there should be a simple answer to this that I’m missing… other than making a script that identifys each character model before calling the name of the controller animating it. Is that what everybody does to solve this? Names thier characters in a public variable field and then concantonates that name into the controller name in the scripts calling animations? Please tell me there’s another way…

That’s alot of different question you have there, check out the animation section in our learn site first Learn game development w/ Unity | Courses & tutorials in game design, VR, AR, & Real-time 3D | Unity Learn then if you can whittle your questions down we can help.

The answer for me was to simply duplicate the animation controller for each NPC I wanted to mod the animations for. I didn’t change the states (I’m working up to that :)) I just swapped animations.