How do i attach a mini map to a game object? and a few other questions..

ok so i have a few questions i can not figure out

  1. how do i attach a minimap to a game object? like a screen on a computer showing were a camra is in a room

  2. how do i make a button (that is also a game object the button is a cube) that changed the camra with the screen when you hit it

  3. how do i have it were when you click the screen it disabled all scripts in the player and inbales all the scripts in the camra and when you hit backspace it goes back to the player?

  1. Unity - Manual: Render Texture
  2. Use raycasting from the camera on input. If the ray hits the button, do something : Unity - Manual: Rays from the Camera
  3. You will need some sort of manager script that does this using Input (Unity - Scripting API: Input). If the input is pressed, enable or disable the objects you want by either making them public GameObjects in that script or any number of other ways you reference objects. Your manager script would never be disabled as it is the “overseer” and needs to be active at all times to take input from the player.