How do I Build & Run Android game as a specific Google Account?

I have 2 accounts tied to my device, one is my primary personal account, and another is a test account. (Neither of these are my Developer account)

When I use the Build & Run function in Unity to upload the game to my Phone, it seems to tie itself to my test account rather than my personal account, so when I try to make an in-app purchase it wants to use the payment details of the test account not my personal account.

How do I make it so it installs using my personal account so I can purchase the IAP on my personal account instead?

Well to answer my own question I ended up just installing the game via the Play Store while making sure I was using my personal account, and then using the Build & Run functionality of Unity to push the version of the game I’m working on.

Now of course this only worked for me because I happened to have uploaded an earlier version of the game to the Play Store. I am not sure how I would get around this if I didn’t have this. I suppose if I remove my other account and then Build & Run again then it would work, but that’s not really pretty

If you wish to use different details on your phone, Add them in to the Google+ app (Red icon) on your device and select that account.

Its that simple.