How do I calculate a text size with the Best Fit option using a TextGenerator

My goal is to link several Text components that they all have the same text size. Text size should be the minimum ‘best fit’ size of all components.

How I try to achieve it is by turning the ‘best fit’ option off and calculate the size with a custom TextGenerator, copying all TextGenerationSettings from the original Text components.

My Problem is: The calculated Text size is too small. It adjusts according to the RectTransform size, but is just wrong. Any thoughts about this?

Here is the code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.EventSystems;

public class kgLinkedBestFit : UIBehaviour 
	public int minTextSize = 5;
	public int maxTextSize = 35;
	public Text[] linkedTexts;

	//TEMP: Editor Update
	public void Update()
		TextGenerator textGenerator = new TextGenerator();
		int minimumBestFit = 1000;

		foreach(Text t in linkedTexts)
			//get current text generation settings for the text field
			TextGenerationSettings settings = t.GetGenerationSettings(t.rectTransform.rect.size);

			//change to best fit settings
			settings.resizeTextForBestFit = true;
			settings.resizeTextMinSize = minTextSize;
			settings.resizeTextMaxSize = maxTextSize;

			//calcuclate with text generator
			//set new bestFit if new calculation is smaller than current bestFit
			minimumBestFit = textGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit < minimumBestFit ? textGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit : minimumBestFit;


		/*at this stage minimumBestFit is calculated too small. When the original textfield is set to best fit, the text size will be 22, the calculated text size is only 12*/

		foreach(Text t in linkedTexts)
			//adjust font sizes
			t.fontSize = minimumBestFit;

Hey.Old post, but for others i will answer.

I ran into the same problem.
When using fontSizeUsedForBestFit variable the size returned did not match in the editor.
After a long research the short answer to the problem is to divide the fontsize with the your canvas scale factor like this:

fontsize = fontsize / canvas.scaleFactor;

hope this helps others.

In case anyone else wants it, you have to wait a frame so the fontSizeUsedForBestFit gets calculated. I get consistant size of an item by adding anything I want to an array in the inspector and on play, wait a frame, find the size and apply it:

using UnityEngine.UI;

/// <summary>
/// Cant work in editor, but will when the play button is pressed
/// </summary>
public class ConsistantTextSize : MonoBehaviour {
    public Text[] m_TextList;
    private int m_Size = 1;

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start () {

    public void SetSizes()
        foreach (var item in m_TextList)
            item.resizeTextMaxSize = 1000;


    public IEnumerator WaitFrame()
        // returning 0 will make it wait 1 frame
        // need to wait a frame in order for the layout to work out the size
        yield return 0;

    public void ApplySizes()
        // Get the first one
        if (m_TextList.Length > 0)
            m_Size = m_TextList[0].cachedTextGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit;

        // See if any are smaller
        foreach (var item in m_TextList)
            if (item.cachedTextGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit < m_Size)
                m_Size = item.cachedTextGenerator.fontSizeUsedForBestFit;

        // Apply as max size to all of the images
        foreach (var item in m_TextList)
            item.resizeTextMaxSize = m_Size;