How do I call InputActions & ActionMap in player code script when I have multiple binding group schemes? with Input System 1.0?

The tutorials and manual go into great detail about mapping bindings, but naturally there are many ways to implement the inputaction scheme groups, and unity seems content to just say call a code snippet for each action in the component. But if you are trying to self-teach coding, you are left to track down the esoteric advanced implementation techniques on your own. I am pressed for time and money, but willing and able to learn; I just don’t know where to look sometimes and each new topic calls for comparing dozens of sources from right but skeletal to dry and dense to wrong but compelling.

Does one declare private InputActions.ActionMap for send messages & invoke events? In 1.0, the actionmap is not recognized (i guess because it’s considered a struct?) and ActionMapActions is not valid as a method, as in

var _controller = InputActions.JetPackGM;

_controller.Move.started += OnMove();

I aimed to invoke events as code snippets in the component or c# events so the script doesn’t even have to be attached to a game object, because I think a state/command pattern is going to be useful for expanding character skillsets/customization.

I am using set callbacks, and not sure if i’m implementing the class correctly anyway, as my template is a mashup of an official tutorial package using the old system, and a half-built strategy-pattern with the new input system; i.e. one uses an instance of the playerinputactions class being constructed as a protected static then made public as an instance, (while also implementing hash id’s which seem like something i’d like, i want to pack functionality and optimization because I’m concerned the physics could get expensive) and the other uses a single action map. But I have a different map for civilian mode, gliding/fighting, and piloting vehicles.

Then there are hash id’s, binding groups, scheme, interfaces, overloads, within this autogen class.

Also, apparently between 0.9 and 1.0 the autogenerated input actions class format has changed enough that I can’t call IA. without calling .Action, (which I want to avoid because I already wrote a half dozen controls. I had this script working twice!! And then decided to update or fix a flag.) The first is considered a class, the second a struct, or considered a method, thus the former is flagged as empty and the second is not allowed.

I have a soft solution, declaring variable before methods and then instantiating in Awake function. In time i’ll learn more code principles and discover a more elegant, flexible, stable solution.
Class InputActionMap | Input System | 1.0.2