How do I change a gameobjects jump int (height)

(REMEMBER I HAVE THE JUMP CODE IN ONE SCRIPT AND THE THING THAT TELLS IT HOW HIGH TO JUMP IS IN ANOTHER SCRIPT)In my game I have a little guy that jumps and walks. I want to have a power up that make him jump higher. I have the “is trigger” checked in on the power up object. I also have the OnCollisionEnter() thingy. But what code to put that makes Him jump higher?

In order to understand how to modify your character scripts, you need to understand your character scripts. If you’re using a CharacterMotor, the value in question is motor.jumping.baseHeight or .extraHeight. You’ll want to change this (or whatever jump variable you have) when you enter the trigger.

By the way, you’ll want to use OnTriggerEnter(), not OnCollisionEnter(), and compare the collision data so that you know it’s the correct trigger.